Converting From HandyShopper or SplashShopper


Use this version of ToMarketHSConverter to convert your HandyShopper PDB files or SplashShopper CSV files to ToMarket.csv files which can then be easily imported into ToMarket. This is for the technically savvy HandyShopper/SplashShopper/ToMarket user and
requires some skills (mostly just the import/backup and copying files to the device etc.) but not for the novice.

1. Backup your existing ToMarket data.  Then backup (just make a copy
of it somewhere) your ToMarket.csv.

2. Download the ToMarketHSConverter (at the bottom of this page).
Unzip the file.

3. Run the ToMarketHSConverter.msi file - it's an installer.  Follow
the instructions for completing the install.

4. RunToMarketHSConverter from the Start Menu.

5. Put your HandyShopper PDB or SplashShopper CSV file in a directory whose path has no spaces in it (like c:\temp) and your pdb file name is named without spaces as well.  It will fail if you don't do this with the HandyShopper PDB file as the old HS converter doesn't like spaces and it will fail (saying it can't find the hsout.csv file - sorry that code is not ours to change).  When prompted choose your HandyShopper .PDB file or HandyShopper CSV file, and an output directory (make it the same temp dir for best results), then hit Convert.

6. Go to the output directory you selected and find ToMarket.csv.
Open it up and take a look.  You can also combine multiple files into
one master ToMarket.csv file.

7. Import into ToMarket.

8. If your PDB contained special characters, such as those in the German language etc., your ToMarket.csv file will be filled with strange symbols. The original converter, not written by us, does not handle these characters well. If you open the ToMarket.csv file in WordPad or Notepad and choose "Save As" and change the encoding to "UTF8" you should end up with the correct characters again in the file.
9. If you have any problems, copy the errors in the
ToMarketHSConverter text box and send them to us @ oliassolutions @
gmail . com (no spaces) and thanks for helping to test this BETA



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