Searching for an Item

In the Search for items here box, start typing the name of the item you are looking for.  For instance, if you type “Bee” into the list, Beer will quickly move to the top of the list, where you can add it to theNeed list, Cart or Edit the item.

If you are finished searching, click the red “X” to clear the search, returning you to the complete list.

If the item is not in your list as you are searching for it, you can click thegreen “+” and it will prompt you for the quantity.  Enter the quantity and click OK.  (This is configurable in Tools -> Preferences.)

Another way to search for items is to use Voice Search.  Click on the   and speak into your phone. The results are the same as typing the item into the search box.   (Note: This feature requires a network connection, and works best with Wi-Fi or speedy cell connections)

Voice search has some powerful commands built in. In addition to searching, voice search can move items to your need list, add items, or even multiples of both.

To add a new item, you can use the ADD command like this (press voice search and speak quoted text below):

Add Tomatoes”

This command takes you to the item edit screen, pre-filled with the item name Tomatoes.

Need Peaches”

This command sets Peaches to Need OR prompts you to add a new item named Peaches and sets it to Need.

Need Broccoli and Peanut Butter and Pears”

This command sets multiple items to Need, or presents you with the option to add them if they are not in your list already.

You can also search for an item using the Barcode button. (Note: This feature requires a network connection, and works best with Wi-Fi or speedy cell connections)

Millions of items are at your fingertips just by scanning your item’s barcode. Before you do this, “Barcode Scanner” from the Google Zxing team must be installed. You can pick that up for free here:

After scanning the item, you will be taken to the item edit screen where you can finish adding the item details. If no item was found, or if there was a network connection error, you will be presented with a blank item edit screen where you can add the name and details yourself.