Adding Items

There are five ways to add new items:

1. Select Menu -> Add Item.

2. Click on the Barcode Scanner icon   and hold the phone over the item’s barcode to scan it.  You will then be taken to the Add Item screen.  If the item has been found through the barcode scan, the list will be populated with the name of the item. Choose the other details for the item, and then Save.  For more on using the Barcode Scanner click here.

3. Use the Search for Item function.  When you type the name of your new item, hit the Plus Buttonand finish creating your item. There are 2 modes for the plus button, the first is Quick Mode and it is the default.  In Quick Mode the item is placed in your list, and prompted for Quantity if enabled.  You can disable Quick Mode in Settings, causing the Plus Button to take you to the full Item Edit Screen. Items added via quick mode can be edited at any time via a long press and choosing Edit Item TheClear Search “red X” can be used to clear the search dialog, resetting it to it’s original empty state.  

4.  Use the Voice Button.  By clicking the Voice Button you can speak the name of an item.  This searches your items for the item name and if not found you can then touch the  to continue and add the item.

Additionally, you can speak the keywords Add, or Need.  Either of these keywords followed by theItem Name (like “add bananas” or “need cucumbers”) will be take you directly to the Item EditScreen to finish adding the item. The Need keyword will also move the item to the Need list, and adds it automatically to your list if you don’t have the item already.  In addition, the Need keyword can be strung together with the word And for multi-word additions/moves to your Need list like “Need applesAnd oranges And beer And pizza”. Finally, the keyword Comma can be used with the Need keyword for lists that have items using a comma, like “Need cheese Comma cheddar And cheese Commaswiss”.

5.  Long press an item and choose Copy Item.  This creates a copy of the item and takes you to the Item Edit Screen where you can modify it – changing “Cheese, Cream” to “Cheese, Cottage” for example.