Backup, Importing and Re-installing

Backup, Importing Lists and Re-installation

UPDATE: 11/2022

Recent changes in the file access security model have complicated, but improved the safety of Android Apps accessing your device’s file system. This has changed the way that ToMarket can backup you data. Google recently pushed moving forward to those changes which has made an update to ToMarket in late 2022 needed, thus also getting the change in location to the backups.

If you currently just make backups, and have not ever modified or move those files, no problem. Just run your backup and it should work – just to a new location on your device. This is likely now located for the free version at:


And for the Pro full version at:


If you use the backup and import feature currently, and move or manipulate the csv, you are likely already aware of the ToMarket/export location and may have that directory on your device. ToMarket is also likely to no longer have access to that directory. You will need to move your files there for further use. If your device currently has your updated lists in the App – you can just do a backup, and the new csv’s will be created in the new location above, and you can just move forward with those files as your most recent backup though.

Lastly, not all devices mount their storage in the same way. The device may use “1” for example, instead of the “0” in the path above. It may be completely different, with just the “ToMarket/export” at the end. If yours is not as shown above you can find out where the backup is made by hitting the menu button (the … at the top right of the app) and choosing preferences, tools, and hitting the button “Choose Import File”. The location of the default backup will be shown at the top of the file next screen like this:

Hopefully this will get you back to importing and exporting your ToMarket Lists. Have a great one! – Mike

END UPDATE 11/2022

Backup acts as a way to backup your data.  If you reset your phone or it dies for some reason, this backup can be retrieved from your SD card and imported into your new or old phone.  You could also use this function to share your list with others.  Also, always export your list before accepting a new version of ToMarket, so your list will be safe from any errors in the new version.

The menu->more->tools->Backup List menu item exports to a file called “ToMarket.csv” that is on your SD card at /ToMarket/export.  Another file, ToMarket_Backup_123456789098.csv is also created when you choose backup.  The number is a unique date stamp that is created each time you backup.  This gives you a “point in time” backup should a bug in the backup function be introduced in ToMarket, corrupting the main csv file.

In addition to the ToMarket.csv and ToMarket_Backup_123456789098.csv file that are created, 2 other files are created each time you perform a backup: a “ToMarket.History.csv” file and a “ToMarket.prefs” file. The history file is also versioned with a unique date stamp for each backup history file like the backup file above, with the most recent being the one without the number. The history file keeps track of your purchase history for your lists, and the prefs are a backup of your list preferences and settings.

Backing up your list to the csv file is just a backup. The real list data is kept in a database that resides in your phone. The csv file is just what that data looked like on the day you ran the backup, it is not the data that is being used by your device to manage your list. If you backup your list, and add a new item, the new item WILL NOT be in your csv file. This is important to know.

Once you have a backup you should copy that csv file, the history and preferences to another location. Attach a USB cable to your device, turn on USB storage (varies per device, but it is usually listed in the pull down “shade” on your device after you attach the USB cable to your PC and the device) and make your way to the /ToMarket/export directory where you can copy and paste copies to your PC for safe keeping. Others have installed DropBox and other apps on their devices that automatically sync directories to their PC without the need for mounting the device with the USB cable.

The “Import” button ERASES all of your lists and fills ToMarket with the items in the ToMarket.csv file.

To Import your lists, touch “Menu”, then “More”, then “Tools”, and then “Preferences”

If you have to re-install ToMarket, make sure your backup (ToMarket.csv) looks correct and has all of your items. Alternately, you can rename one of the “_Backup” files to ToMarket.csv if that file is more correct for you (say you deleted a list or items, and wanted to revert to an earlier list). If you have a backup csv, just create the /ToMarket/export directories and place ToMarket.csv there, and then run Import. If the file is already there, just install the app and run the import and your lists will be restored. DO NOT install the app and run a backup, as this will overwrite ToMarket.csv with the list that comes with the app – not yours. If you have done this you will need to rename a “_Backup” file if you have one, and use it as described above.

There are 2 ways to run Import, both are found in preferences. The Import Database button simply imports the ToMarket.csv it finds in the /ToMarket/export directory. The Choose Import File button allows you to choose which file you would like to import. In either case the file should be located in the export directory and the default settings and history file will be imported if found.

The CSV file can be edited on your computer in a spreadsheet program such as excel, saved to your SD card, and imported into your phone.

Below is the column layout of the current CSV:


And here are the rules:
1.  No commas anywhere.  Replace with @comma@ if you have any.
2.  Need state can be 1, 2, or 3 for NEED, INCART, or NORMAL (not
3.  Stores are semi-colon separated lists.  Aisles and Per Store Prices are indicated per store by brackets i.e. Target[Aisle 1][2.30];Walmart[Aisle 7][];Kroger[4][4.50];Costco[][2.99]
4.  Stores and Categories are not shared between lists.
5.  Taxable, Delete, and Coupon are 0 = false, 1 = true.
6.  Reminder and Frequency are future columns, but are part of the
database already.
7. The unit column should have a value – use “each” (no quotes) as a default.

 Also, I found a great Blog about the process here:

Importing From Palm HandyShopper

I have created a utility to convert the palm pdb file from HandyShopper to the ToMarket.csv file format. You can give it a try, here is the link:

Let me know if you have any problems with it in the forums.


If you need to re-install ToMarket, there are a couple of ways to do it, if you purchased it thru the Android Market.

On your Phone

  • Press the Market icon
  • Press the Menu button on your phone
  • Select “My Apps”
  • The Market app will have three sections, Updates, Installed, and Not Installed (at the bottom)
  • ToMarket should be listed here
  • Tap on it and you should be able to re-install it

On the Web from the Android Market

  • In the Android Market at the top of the screen, click on “My Library”
  • Find ToMarket and it should show Purchased
  • Click the ToMarket icon, and it will check your phone to see if it’s installed
  • If not, then it should offer you the option to install it
  • Click Install and it will send it to your phone and install it