Welcome to ToMarketWeb.com, the website for the ToMarket Android App!


  •  Enhanced voice features – move a list of items to your need list all at once and much, much more!
  •  Convert HandyShopper Files – Use our new ToMarketHSConverter to convert your HandyShopper.pdb files into ToMarket files.
  • Purchase History – Record your purchase history for checking date, store and cost of previous purchases.
  • Per Store Aisles – Associate unique aisles with each store.
  • Fully Customizable – Choose which features to use, which items to display.
  • Bar Code Scanning – Add items to list by scanning the barcode, once in the list scan to move it to need or cart.
  • Voice Recognition – Search for items on your list and easily move it to need or cart.
  • Email or Text – Use email or text to share your list with someone else.
  • Coupons – Track which items you have coupons for.
  • Price Your List – Save money by tracking the cost of all items on your need list or in your cart.
  • Import/Export Data – Easily export and import your data to and from your SD card.
  • Modify CSV List – Copy export file from your SD card to your computer, make edits and then import back into ToMarket on your Android device.
  • Create Multiple Lists – Stay organized with lists for everything you need: groceries, movies, wine, tasks, books, gifts, etc.


“Love it! I tried 7-8 grocery apps and this is BY FAR the best, and it gets even better with each update.  Even better than HandyShopper for Palm.”

“Well worth the money!”

“This app + the right store = shopping fun. It’s so not a chore anymore!”

“I use this app daily – simple & does exactly what I was looking for in a grocery list app.”

“Fabulous HandyShopper replacement!  Imports HS list, easy to use.  Love voice input.  Incredible.”

“Best shopping list on the market…I’ve tried them all.”

“Hands down, the best shopping app for Android.”

“Honestly is the best on the market.”

“I’ve tried several shopping apps and this is by far the best and most thorough.”

“Best replacement for HandyShopper on Palm”

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